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release 30th October

PunkapeCoin 30th October opening offer!

1st five gold coin for only = 0.05 ETH (list price 0.15 ETH)

1st platinum coin for only 0.1 ETH (list price 0.3 ETH)

1st moonglass coin  for only 0.3 ETH (list price 0.6 ETH)


Every empire starts small, with the first stone, the first citizen and its own currency.

The next step in the Punkape empire is the PunkapeCoin!

Each of these coins is a masterpiece of the art of minting.

On the head side there is the well-known logo of the Punkapes,

on the back side there is a unique labyrinth that makes each coin unmistakable.


Only 2222 coins will be minted ever!

2000 gold coins

 200 platinum coins

 and 22 made of moon glass


Each of these coins contains additional features:


  • An unlock code to access a virtual space to get high resolution images of the coin,

as well as the vector file of the unique maze.


  • All first-time buyers will also receive one or more codes that will offer a free NFTs from the following collections:


Punkape collection (500 items) minting 4Q; 2021,

Punkapes “Arcade Game” (3333 items, minting 1Q; 2022)

Punkape “Poker Hands” (4444 items, minting 2Q; 2022)

Punkape “MyMaze“ (5555 items, minting 3Q; 2022)


  • Among all 2222 PunkapeCoins one hundred additional unlock codes are randomly distributed!


The Punkape Online Game will be released in 1Q; 2022

All Punkape NFT owners can register and enter the game arena to hunt for the highest score. Once a month the best three users with the highest overall score will receive a special NFT for free!

The value of the coins is listed below:

(Gold +1NFT), (Platinum+3NFTs), (Moonglass+5NFTs)

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